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Enriching vs. Extending

Did you know there is a huge difference between EXTENDING your child's learning and ENRICHING your child's learning?

Log on to Amazon or make a quick trip to Target…the Dollar Store…the bookstore…there's no shortage of workbooks to support your child's learning.

(Maybe this is something you've tried…)

Page after page, workbook after workbook - it's possible to keep your child busy.

But busy, doesn't always equate to truly learning.

(Sometimes busy feels more productive than it actually is…)

What makes Next Step's approach different is that we don't just extend the learning, we enrich it.

And THAT is what makes growth sustainable.

That's the difference between memorization to get a 10/10 on the next spelling test and actually enjoying school.

School is meant to be FUN.

Especially, elementary school.

When you say YES to working with Next Step, you are saying YES to:

momentum -

confidence -

AND joy -

We help your child discover the tools they need to be successful.

If you're looking to ENRICH your child's learning - join me on March 15th!


Until then,


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