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You're Child Is Not Behind

"This is a let's see how you can grow, from where you are to where you're going.” You're child isn't behind. They are right on time. It's not “catching up” it's moving forward. From where they are, to where they're going. It's making progress from where they are today. It's taking steps in a forward direction. Growth looks different for every child.

I spent a lot of the past week sharing with families about our new class, Writing Superstars.

Amidst one conversation, I finally heard myself say, this is not a grade level class. It's not a yes to this and a no to that. It's about each child getting something different out of it. And that something different is exactly what that child needs at the time. Some students enroll in small group classes for the physical writing practice. Building their muscles and stamina. For others, it's confidence. In their ability to write sentences about a topic on a page. Another child may benefit the most from being in a group where they get to be a bit of a leader. Maybe they are a stronger write, but their self esteem is low. And being able to encourage the child next to them is going to be the missing puzzle piece in their learning.

A whole child approach to learning. That's what's been most present for me this week. Next Step Education is the solution to your child's learning blocks.

It's a safe place to ask questions, practice their skills, and enrich their learning.

3 different children. 3 different grade levels. 3 different schools. & do you know how proud each of these children were to run out of class and show their parents? Very. Proud. To another week of growth! Forward momentum! And lots of proud student work! Happy weekend! Ms. Schelzi

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