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Lifelong Learning

Helping your child feel proud and confident with their learning.

  • Have you ever felt frustrated comparing your child to other children…The books they are reading…The neatness of their work on the walls...Their excitement at the bus stop...Their smiles in the pickup line…


  • Have you ever felt it was out of your wheelhouse to support your child's learning...

  • Have you ever desired to support your child’s learning but struggle to find engaging ways to help them….

  • Have you ever wondered what might be possible if your child felt confident in themself?

If you’ve ever secretly wondered how it might be possible to build your child's academic foundations while also building their confidence to create an overall shift in their relationship with learning and with school…


You’re in the right place!


The secret to a positive relationship with learning, is waiting for your child at Next Step Education. 


To finally experience a permanent shift in your child’s relationship to learning takes opportunities to practice skills, receive explicit instruction in a community where learning is celebrated. 


...and that’s exactly what we do!

Through explicit instruction, multi-sensory learning and making the journey FUN, Our mission is to help elementary children go from overwhelmed to confident with their learning!

The progression my daughter has made this year is incredible. Ms. Schelzi teaches them with care and careful consideration to each child.


It was a nightly struggle to get the girls to read and Meg magically built their build confidence day after day.

Next Step Parent - 2nd & 3rd

If any of the following resonate, you are in the right place!

  • Your child’s confidence in and out of the classroom is decreasing 

  • Your child's self esteem and peer comparison is noticeable

  • Your child currently is not showing their full potential in school and you KNOW they are capable of more

  • Your child is open and available to learning

  • Your child would benefit from weekly writing instruction to increase learning stamina

  • Your child deserves a confidence boost with their literacy skills

  • Your child would benefit from small doses of handwriting instruction

  • Your child is looking for additional opportunities to learn in fun and engaging ways outside of the classroom.

…if any of these are a YES for your family - join me!

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