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About Me

My name is Meghan and I'm

so happy you are here!

Within moments of meeting your child, you will immediately learn something about me. 


And to be honest, it’s the most important thing about me. 

I’ve got kid magic!


And no…I’m not talking about pulling bunnies out of hats or making quarters appear from behind their ears. 


I’m talking about the kind of magic that can shift a child’s entire relationship to learning. 

And as a result, who they are called to be in the world. 

I often share that I speak the language of children. And every day it feels that language becomes more and more fluent.


But it wasn’t always this way...


In elementary school I was always the quiet kid on the back of the rug. 

I didn’t speak in school until 4th grade. 

I notoriously sucked on my bottom lip in pictures - to timid to speak! 

The dictionary definition of shy. 


Only now do I see how my shyness was my superpower all along! 


I’ve learned to sense the secret language that children speak. 


The language their smile and twinkling eyes tells.

In the way they walk into a room, the way they make eye contact or pick up a pencil and write their name…


Every child has a unique blueprint. 


Within minutes of spending time together, I have a clear idea of what makes your child unique. 


Upon meeting a child and engaging for a few activities, I receive a clear message about the shifts needed to reignite their relationship with learning. 


You can continue reading below to discover my degrees and certifications, but in the end all you need to know is how much I love working with kids and how much possibility I believe in for them.


I believe in the possibility of a world where children feel confident and proud of themselves in and out of the classroom. 

I believe in the possibility of a world where children feel safe to take risks with their learning.

I believe in the possibility of classrooms filled with learning leaders who create unbounded ripple effects in our classrooms and beyond. 


Imagine a world where children celebrate themselves as much as they celebrate each other. 


Creating a more connected and confident world begins one child at a time. 


At Next Step Education, we believe in transforming the world through helping children discover, celebrate and share their magic. 




Orton Gillingham Trained

Institute of Multi-Sensory Learning

Orton Gillingham methods of instruction have shifted everything in the way I teach. I use a hands on multi-sensory approach to literacy instruction to provide systematic and sequential instruction for each child I work with.


M.A. License 

Early Childhood Licensed

Elementary Licensed

After completing my M. Ed at Boston College I received my M.A. teaching license in both Early Childhood and Elementary teaching. While I spent many years in K-2 classrooms, understanding where students are expected to go in later grades helped me best prepare my students for their future!


M. Ed

Elementary & Early Childhood Education

Boston College

After enrolling in the program for Secondary Education, I quickly realized my heart was and always would be working with elementary children. I completed my Practicum experience in Newton Public Schools and went on the teach K-3 in Wellesley and Arlington.


B.A. English (Journalism)

Fairfield University

Connection through communication has always been my passion. During my time at Fairfield I discovered that when I pursue my passions, the leader in me is able to shine. At Fairfield I did this through my involvement as Editor on the school newspaper, Director of Retreats and International Service Immersion Experiences from Mexico to the Philippines and Australia.

Core Values

Instilling Confidence

Fostering Relationships

Creating a love of Learning

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