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4 Reasons Parents Choose Next Step

Why are you here?

Truthfully, it’s different for everyone.

Every family is different.

Every child is unique.

During our onboarding process, each family fills out a survey to answer this question - WHY? ⤵️

🤷🏼‍♀️WHY they are seeking support.

🤷🏼‍♀️WHY their child is struggling.

And the most common answer?

Too hard to pick just one!

Children are layered.

Learning is layered too!



🌟Holes in their foundational skills.

For some student’s it’s possible to pinpoint one area -

But there's a reason why parents can select more than one box.

And guess what?

Our tutors are here for all of it.

We are here to build confidence.

To foster motivation.

To fill in those learning gaps created over the past few years.

2 new tutors joined the team this week and we have opened up a few more spots for virtual tutoring.

Sessions booked in 12-packs

30 min//60 min


Curious about our services are the right fit for your child?

E-mail to schedule your call today!

2 spots left for virtual tutoring and then our doors will reopen again in February!

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