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Dictation Pages & Why They Matter

Alright friends - today I am sharing a video on one of my FAVORITE topics - dictation pages! (AND - why they matter!)

Let’s talk about sentence dictation! It’s important that students are transferring knowledge from writing words in isolation to writing words in sentences.

Have you ever seen your child spell a word correctly and then misspell it 5 minutes later when writing?

Here are a few things to remember about why I use dictation pages:

  • Sequence Matters: I only dictate words with concepts that have already been explicitly taught. This helps practice skills as well as build confidence!

  • Always Model: I always model the activity first and then students repeat the word while pounding the syllable and then writing each sound. Again, children learn by watching and then doing and modeling is a great way to boost their confidence when it's their turn to practice.

  • Read the words when we're done spelling them! Go top to bottom, bottom to top to help with automaticity.

  • Practice, Practice, Practice: Consistency matters. Repetition matters, especially when it comes to building writing stamina.

The GOAL of these weekly dictation pages is for students to start making the connection between phonemes, graphemes, reading, spelling, and writing!

It's ALL connected.

And confidence, consistency and repetition are the thread that tie these seeds of growth together!

Hope you learned something new!

Ms. Schelzi

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