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Did You Know: Summer Learning Loss

2.5 months of math learning

2 months of reading learning

...are lost during the summer months without reinforcement and practice.

And this number is even bigger in the younger grades, where children are still building a solid foundation.

Core skills like reading, writing and math take practice.

Just like playing a sport, you wouldn’t stop for months at a time and expect to maintain your progress.

Still - many kids close their books in June and wait until September to open them back up.

Summer slide is real and it affects students every year.

How can we change this pattern?

Spending just 2-3 hours per week in a learning brain during summer to avoid the summer slide.

Our tutors are ready and our schedule is booking up fast!!

Looking for academic support for your child this summer?

Our 30 and 60 min virtual sessions will help keep your child in a learning brain this summer so they are ready to go when the doors swing open in September!

Email to book your sessions today. 📆

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