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I Couldn't Believe I Said It...

I couldn't believe I said it…


“He has homework for tonight!” I told mom as we finished our session today.


I never do that. 


Not since leaving classroom teaching have I given homework. Aside from the occasional “practice reading this book” or “here's a game you can play”…I never give homework to Next Step kids. 


But today I realized something as the words came out of my mouth.


When I said, “finish you illustrations and bring it back tomorrow” there was no arguing, no fighting, no resistance from the kids.


And do you know why?


Often the children I work with don't always get to finish their work in school. When it comes to the laborious task of writing, it can take the whole writer's workshop to get ideas flowing and writing words down on paper. 


And the result? 


The illustrations are either rushed or incomplete. And for many kids, sometimes the ones you would least expect, the illustrations are their favorite part of writing!


Let's let them have their favorite part back!


I HATE leaving things unfinished. There's a sense of ownership and pride that comes with a fully complete project. I remember a project I had in middle school French class. I stayed up way past my bedtime cutting and gluing all the words and illustrations together to complete my project. I STILL REMEMBER bursting into my parents room long after I was supposed to be in bed to show my completed project. I was SO PROUD. 



Not rushed.


And it's the same feeling for kids!


So…today after we wrote our Personal Narratives I gave kiddos homework. 


“Finish your illustrations!”

“Decorate your cover!”

"Bring it back to me next time - I can't wait to see it!” 


And they smiled…because we both know a secret. 


We both know the pride bubbling up inside.

We both know the excitement of showing someone you look up to something you worked really hard on. 


Fostering independence

Building enthusiasm


For learning…

And for life! 


Here's to creating lifelong learners! 

Here's to detailed drawings!

Here's to pride bubbling up! 


Here's to another week of writing, learning and confidence



Ms. Schelzi

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