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Non-Fiction Writing

We had a busy week transitioning from fall themed learning to winter! 


We continued with our routine of adding phonics skills, writing practice and reading fluency with a big dose of FUN to every lesson! 



Our K-2 students worked hard practicing short vowel sounds, digraphs and blends. We used BINGO games, dot markers and word mapping cards to engage students in practicing encoding (writing) and decoding (reading) words with these spelling patterns. 



Two fun writing projects our students worked on were Small Moments and All About.  “The Perfect Day” was an exciting piece to work on - ranging from lazy days at home watching movies and sleeping in to a few students writing about going to the the Eras Tour movie, featuring their favorite “superhero” Taylor Swift. 


In our Writing Superstars class we took on some All About Writing! This week's theme was owls. We read from Nat Geo and took notes on owl facts and then made a fun project using our writing with a touch of creativity. Kids LOVE writing about non-fiction and learning true facts about things in the world!


Some of my favorite books arrived via Amazon and we now have a wonderful collection of books by one of my favorite authors, Todd Parr. 

I've found kids (as well as myself!) enjoy the board book version - easy to hold and fun to flip the pages!

 Beautiful handwriting, writing stamina and confidence rising were themes evidenced in each lesson this week. 


Next week we have a short week with a few days off for Thanksgiving break and then we will hit the ground running with all things winter in December. 


Have a wonderful holiday and I can't wait to see you back at Next Step soon!



Ms. Schelzi 

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