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I am excited to share something special I’ve been creating with your child in mind!

It's a program designed to create an entire shift in the way your child spells, reads, writes and connects with learning.

It's called the Reading FUNdamentals Program.

The Reading FUNdamentals Program is an 8 week in person experience that skips the Amazon workbooks and creates a completely individual learning experience for your child.

As an expert in delivering transformative reading instruction that helps forever shift the way a child connects with learning, I am thrilled to open up space for children to have this experience this summer.

What happens in Reading FUNdamentals Program:


  • Uncover the gaps in reading & spelling skills

  • Receive explicit and sequential instruction of grade level skills

  • Experience confidence and momentum with reading and spelling knowledge

We do this by creating an environment and experience that allows your child to feel supported to take risks in their learning.

They'll discover what confidence in learning FEELS like for themself.

This 8-week 1:1 experience is perfect for a child who:

  • Wants to fills in gaps in grade level spelling and reading

  • Wants to maintain and boost skills to prevent summer learning loss

  • Struggles to keep up with peers

  • Has lost confidence with their learning

  • Requires support with spelling skills

  • Loves to feel proud and successful!

  • Thrives in a 1:1 environment

If this sounds like your child, you’re invited to apply below!

When you commit to consistent instruction, growth is possible!

  • We’ll explore your child's gaps and sequentially fill them in.

  • We’ll discover the tools that help your child be successful.

  • We’ll discern the trouble spots that keep your child stuck

I have spots open for Reading FUNdamentals this summer.

If you want to speak about whether this program is right for you,

Happy learning!

Ms. Schelzi

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