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Testimonial: "Can we just do 4 weeks?"

Can we just do 4 weeks? 🙏

At Next Step Education we truly believe that sustainable progress takes time. AND your child deserves to have consistent support.

And it doesn't happen in 4 weeks.

Honestly, it doesn't happen overnight.

It doesn't even happen in 12 weeks.

That's why children who begins working with us - stay on beyond their initial 12 weeks!

At Next Step Education, the support we provide families, goes beyond the academic support we provide children.

The relief our tutors provide parents - PRICELESS.

Knowing someone is giving explicit, intentional, personalized instruction to your little one -

So regardless of why you come to us for help...


-learning loss



Our team is here to help you and your child feel supported.

So they can show up in the classroom and the world, as their most confident self.

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