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The Last Normal School Year

How do we even define “normal” these days? 🤷🏼‍♀️

The last time current 3rd graders had a “normal” school year was when they were in Kindergarten…😳

This means that children grade K, 1, and 2 have NEVER had a “normal” school year.

Not only does this have current repercussions academically, but for students in younger grades- if there are gaps in the learning, those gaps will only continue to grow.

Kindergarten is the foundation!

➡️Mastering letters and sounds, building strong habits for handwriting.

➡️Creating momentum and stamina for writers workshop and reader’s workshop.

Without that solid foundation, as children go on to first and second grade, where the expectations for writing and reading increase, it becomes more difficult to maintain. 😕

K-2 is often thought of as learning to read,

and when children get to 3rd grade, it's all about reading to learn. 📚

That solid foundation - is ESSENTIAL!

And it’s not just the academics.

The social emotional piece is just as important too. 🥰

So as we continue to navigate another school year, one that hopefully feels more normal than the past few years, let’s remember

to keep perspective -

to have patience and grace -

with our children, their teachers, and ourselves. ❤️

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