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Why I'll Never Use Flashcards

Did you know that when we teach 10 words…children learn 10 words…BUT - When we teach 10 sounds….children learn HUNDREDS of new words!


THAT is the power in teaching explicit foundational literacy skills. Combined with repetition and consistent practice - children learn to build a solid foundation for future success that wouldn't be possible without a solid foundation.


Learning the initial sounds, are an investment in future reading, spelling and writing skills. A solid and consistent knowledge of individual sounds that children can access automatically when reading and spelling, become the building blocks for unlocking language, one sound at a time.


4 Years ago, when I took the Orton Gillingham training, I learned first hand how significant this impact was. And then as I began using it in my private work with children, time after time I witnessed the felt experience of how this solid foundation would support struggling readers. 


Without a solid foundation of 1st and 2nd grade phonics skills, it becomes increasingly challenging to keep up with phonics skills in upper elementary grades and beyond.


The longer we wait, the harder it is. THAT's the power in early intervention. 


This is exactly why I'm so excited to share some exciting spring learning opportunities to work in small groups to build these skills.


In these small group learning environments your child will have the opportunity to boost their literacy foundation through a multi-sensory approach to literacy so that they can feel confident when raising their hand in class or completing a homework assignment independently.


These small group classes are designed to help your child: 

-build consistency and automaticity with vowel sounds

-increase confidence with reading fluency

-boost ability to decode multisyllabic words

-practice handwriting skills (Ms/ Schelzi's favorite!) ☺️


Your child's CONFIDENCE begins with a solid foundation and a sequential and systematic approach to literacy based in Orton Gillingham methods, will instill in your child a solid foundation for growth - this spring and beyond!


If this sounds like a fit, email to learn more about enrollment. 



See you in class!

Ms. Schelzi

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