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10 Words Vs. 10 Letter Sounds...

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Children who memorize 10 words can read 10 words.


When children learn the sounds of 10 letters -

They can read…

350 three-sound words

4,320 four-sound words

21,650 five-sound words

When I work with children to build a solid literacy foundation, we ground our work in prioritizing phonics FIRST.

Phonics unlocks the door to decoding, comprehension, and a lifelong love of learning and reading!

You know I believe as much in the science of reading as I do keeping the JOY in learning - so when we work together you get the best of both!

Your child will benefit from explicit phonics instruction as well as the opportunity to build confidence and momentum for learning.

I make learning FUN.

And -

I empower your child to feel proud and confident.

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