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Creating Lifelong Learners

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Each Friday morning - I sit down with my coffee and reflect on the week I had with students. I browse student work and take

a pulse check on what feels most present for me to share with you.

As a lifelong writer I cou

ld write forever.

AND - I've been doing this work long enough to know you.

You're busy. You're tired. And your inbox is likely flooded with e-mails. Especially, the first week of school!

So if you've made it this far - thank you for gifting your time to being a part of this community!

Earlier this week I liste

ned to a podcast (if you wanna listen, skip to min 7:20) by the creator of Tetris. I wasn't particularly looking to learn about the history of this video game from the ‘80s that still holds the attention of kids today, BUT this one rolled on next after the previous one I was listening to finished and so I kept listening on my drive.

As he described the game, in the off chance, the listener had never heard of it, he says that Tetris is a game in which the goal is TO CREATE ORDER OUR OF CHAOS.

And it hit

me. THAT is exactly what I do with kids.

Especially around phonics and writing skills.

Taking alllll the overwhelm and giving it order.


Honestly, I believe THIS is why I relate to kids so well.

I love structure.



And know a secret?

They do too!

Every. Single. One. Of. Them.

This is why students who work with me for a few months see sustainable growth with their relationship to learning.

They gain the tools they uniquely need (through lots of trial and error!)

and they integrate them into how they learn.

Confident. Sustainable. Growth.

THAT's a mission I will always stand behind!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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