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Did you know there is no specific reading center in the brain? 

Did you know there is no specific reading center in the brain? 


Instead it takes a network of systems in the brain to work together. 



Do you know how many repetitions it takes for a student to master foundational reading skills? 


1- 4 repetitions for a gifted student

4 - 14 repetitions for a typical student

14 - 40 repetitions for a struggling student

40 - 200 repetitions for a student with dyslexia or learning disability



When it comes to beginning reading skills it's simple. 

Children need more opportunities to practice their foundational reading skills and build the strength of these networks, especially at the foundational level. 


More repetitions are directly linked to skill mastery. 


“The brain needs to make new neural pathways to convert our oral language to the linguistic code, which takes practice!”

Read more here.



This is exactly why I am excited to offer the next LEARNING SUPERSTARS CLASS this January!  

This class will give your child more opportunities to practice and build these networks and see how fun learning can be at the same time!



In this small group class, based in Orton-Gillingham methods of literacy support, your child will receive:

-explicit instruction and consistent practice with foundational literacy skills

-confidence building with their relationship to learning

-increase of momentum and stamina for reading & writing


If you're looking to shift your child's relationship to learning from frustrated and overwhelmed to confident and proud -


Reply to this e-mail for more information on how to enroll.

Classes begin in January.

See you in class! ❤


Ms. Schelzi 

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