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Happy 3 Years Next Step!

It's hard to capture every moment, emotion, lesson, success, challenge, decision, celebration and more from the last 3 years, but here’s a brief flashback on where we’ve been!

From sending those first few emails at an outdoor coffee shop table spreading the word of what I wanted to build during the fall of 2020, to today.


Year 3…created lots of space and stepped into new levels of possibility!


We opened an in person learning center in Wellesley!

We hit 100 students supported!

We launched our small group writing class!

We honed our focus to K-3 literacy!

We invested in coaching to support personal and professional growth!

We registered as a business in the town of Wellesley!


1,095 days of growth!

100s of smiles!

100s of moments of “I did it!” 

100s of nights parents went to bed relieved that their child was receiving the support they deserved. 


Together, we have created so much impact in the lives of so many children! 

Shifting dozens of children from overwhelmed and frustrated to confident and proud. 


Truly, keeping the JOY in learning since 2020! 


So much to be proud of and so much to come!


Happy 3rd bday Next Step!




Have a wonderful week all!

Ms. Schelzi 

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