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Learning As A Playground

Imagine if your child saw learning as a playground? 


Imagine if your child felt more confident in their reading abilities and more eager to practice their reading skills…

Imagine your child felt great about their writing…

Imagine your child was able to read books on their own and recognize and sound out new words…

Imagine if your child was less anxious and more confident


Can you see their proud smiles? 

Can you feel the relief when you go to bed at night knowing they will be ok? 


It's possible!


And I know because I've seen it happen with 100s of kids right in front of my eyes. 


This week I saw huge proud smiles

I saw kids get excited about spelling by making Magic e wands 

I saw children write stories about living in a snow globe with creativity and imagination 

I know it's possible for your child to shift their relationship with learning because creating and supporting children to make that shift is my magic. 


It's the difference and the mission of Next Step Education. 


Building lifelong learners who…

Creatively express

Joyfully learn

Proudly smile 

I'm on mission to help as many kids as possible feel that shift and the first step to helping your child feel successful with their learning is making a commitment.

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