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STOP the Summer Slide!

Preventing summer slide doesn't have to look like worksheets and black and white packets… It can look like, trips to the library, reading aloud to your children, listening to audiobooks, writing letters to friends and family members, writing stories or books, keeping a summer journal…the list goes on! Here are a few of my favorite summer learning activities: 1. Trips to the library. I often share with parents that it's not always worth endless buying books for your home because children tend to get bored easily and not every book becomes a well-loved classic. Instead?…build in a weekly trip to the library as part of your summer routine! This keeps books fresh and engaging. 92% of kids surveyed said they are more likely to read a book they selected themselves. (Scholastic Reading Report) 2. Family Read Alouds. Introduce a child to a popular book series (like Harry Potter). Doing so gets them engaged and wanting to keep turning pages! 3. Writing Projects. In a journal…letter to a friend or family member…story writing… Have your child write a story about a summer fun activity in these easy-to-use mini blank books linked below! Writing stories is a simple and effective way to practice writing skills this summer! Happy writing! Ms. Schelzi

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