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TESTIMONIAL: Student Success Story

When mom came to Next Step she was looking for a way to help her son feel supported academically, to catch up to his peers, and to build his confidence.


“Right now, he doesn't have the skills to read the books that interest him.”


And that struggle is one I hear often from parents and as a result our goal together is twofold:

  1. Boost academic skills

  2. Build self confidence


This is exactly why I created Next Step! I believe that when children receive explicit and sequential instruction they exponentially grow their confidence.


No trick words. No homework. No tests.

Just sequential instruction to support your child’s foundational skills and boost their confidence as we go!


After 3 months the growth spoke for itself…


“We saw incredible results and now our child is testing nearly on grade level (a huge leap from when he began with Ms. Schelzi) and much more confident in his reading skills.”


A strong foundation for literacy skills and a solid connection to their inner confidence will support your child beyond the time we work together. Our work together is shifting your child’s entire relationship to learning for life!


“We wanted to take advantage of the K-2 window of learning to set him up to be a strong reader for life. With Ms. Schelzi's support, our child built the skills and confidence to be able to read chapter books. This opened a new world of options to him and now he actually finds stories that are interesting to him and he is excited to read! I am so glad we took the leap and engaged Ms. Schelzi!”


Building lifelong learners is our mission at Next Step!


When I checked in with mom recently I smiled as she shared what learning looks like for him today.


“He is near grade level with his reading. He began writing his own story, completely unprompted. He has the skills to read the books that interest him and now finds it exciting to read.”


Inspiring a love of learning…

Building curiosity around learning…

Creating an experience for your child to discover what confidence feels like…


One step at a time! 

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