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Thanksgiving Learning @ Next Step!

When a child feels seen and celebrated for their strengths while given a safe space to ask questions…be explicitly taught new skills or skills that are a touch shaky…when they find new pathways to settle in and feel comfortable with their learning and find that learning can be FUN - a confidence boost is to follow! And it's my favorite way to impact and influence the children who walk (or skip!) through our doors!


We pulled out all the Thanksgiving learning to engage our students, boost confidence and make the learning FUN

In this week's video I share 5 of our favorite Thanksgiving activities to transform learning from frustrating and overwhelming to engaging, fun and empowering

I have one spot open beginning in December for a K-2 student looking to solidify foundational literacy skills and get a boost for learning so they walk into their classroom feeling confident and proud


If this spot is calling to you, complete the Inquiry Form linked below and I will be in touch! 


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



Ms. Schelzi

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