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The Transformation I'm Here To Create...

“Aren’t you gonna tell her?”

After running over (of course!) in our session because, honestly, we were having fun!….he went running out of the room insistent that I share the “good news!”

“Oh!” I said to mom. “Next time - I NEED to bring harder work!”

I’ve seen it happen EVERY. TIME.

The switch flips. The anxiety turns to momentum. And the momentum….turns to smiles….confidence….and pride.

And truly, that starts Day 1.

Yes - there are academic skills to be taught, but the real transformation I support for children is the confidence- and it starts with the first session.

It starts by discovering, and acknowledging not only children’s weaknesses, but highlighting their strengths. And not to just to mom, or to a report, but to the child themself!

Acknowledging their hard work - Acknowledging their effort - Seeing their neat handwriting - Making visible their magic.

I have ONE spot left for THIS kind of personal, targeted and meaningful reading support.

I will not only get your kid reading - I’ll get them believing in themself. And THAT - is priceless.

After one session - the seeds are planted.

Can’t wait to watch this one soar.

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