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What Confidence ACTUALLY Looks Like

I've been hearing it a lot lately -

“I want my child to be more CONFIDENT.”

While connecting with many new Next Step families on the phone over the past week - this word has popped up on every. single. call.

It's been inspiring to dig deeper and connect over what “confidence” means to each of you and how our 12 week tutoring program can help your child achieve it!

Here's what a few of you shared is how you would know your child w

as embodying confidence:

- hanging their work on the fridge/kitchen wall

- raising hand in class

- solving problem on the board

- reading to a sibling at home

- initiating reading before bed

- asking questions about homework

- sharing schoolwork

After deeper reflection…it came to me that confident kids are lifelong learners. Learners who lead with curiosity and exploration. Learners who are not afraid to make mistakes because they know they have so much they get to learn.

Lifelong learners know every question is only the beginning of a new opportunity to explore, create and grow.

If you are looking to dive deeper into what a confident kid would look like in your house - click the link here to book a time that works for you here and let's hop on a 15 min call to chat more.

Have a wonderful week!


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