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What Lights Me Up!

You know what really lights me up?!

Finding out the WHY behind how something works.

Explanations, give meaning to concepts and helps me make sense of the world.

When I first heard about a multi-sensory approach to learning, it was immediately engaging to me because it made so much sense! And when I learned why a tactile approach of using sand to help children gain a better foundation of letter-sound knowledge and letter formation…I couldn't wait to share it with parents!

It made sense! And with that understanding, growth was immediately accelerated in my students.

3️⃣ ways multi sensory learning will support your child:

1. When a child uses their finger to practice writing letters and words, they are activating the 10,000 nerve endings in their fingertips. This experience helps them better remember letter formation and spelling because of the physical touch.

2. On average, it takes a child 4-14 repetitions to remember a new concept. This is why when I have a student practice handwriting we do each letter or word at least 5 times. For learners who struggle to hold onto new concepts, it takes upwards of 14 repetitions to master a new skill.

3. Children are more likely to remember formation and spelling by practicing with their fingers as opposed to a pencil and paper.

When we work together, your child will receive a multi-sensory approach to learning, which I trust will lead to an accelerated path towards growth. If this sounds like a fit, LINK IN BIO to connect!

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