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Why 3rd Grade is the MOST Important Grade

Did you know that a child’s ability to read at grade level by 3rd grade is the single greatest predictor of future success?

This is because 3rd grade is when children transition from learning to read to reading to learn.

Without a strong foundation in reading, children continue to fall further and further behind. By the end of third grade, 74% of struggling

readers won’t ever catch up to grade level.

And as scary as this statistic sounds - there's A LOT we can do to shift this number and prevent children from falling in this gap.

Early intervention will have a massive impact on your child's academic future, especially when it comes to reading and literacy foundations. When children are younger their brains are able to absorb and retain information at higher rates, making support at an early age essential for future academic success.

Think of literacy development like Lego bricks. Piece by piece, lesson by lesson, skill by skill, students piece together a solid foundation for the bigger structure. It starts in Kindergarten and early letter sound skills and year by year, those skills layer on top of one another to support your child's reading and writing skills through high school and beyond!

Our team of tutors go back to basics.

Lesson by lesson.

Brick by brick.

Filling in the foundations of your child's learning.

Building their confidence!

They assess, identify, and create action plans to help each child achieve success based on their own individual learning plan. We build a team and collaborate with families to align the vision for your child's journey to success.

Our team is ready to take YOUR CHILD from overwhelmed and frustrated to confident and prepared to take on the rest of this academic year and ensure they are ready with a solid foundation for all the years to come!

Looking to support your child's learning?

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