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Why The 3 Part Drill

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Have you been watching and wondering exactly how I incorporate consistency, explicit instruction, my 6th sense about what makes a child tick, all while making the learning fun, engaging, and sustainable? Over the years I have cultivated a unique curriculum to specifically reach each child I work with. And while every student has different strengths and areas of growth - there is one routine I incorporate into every session. The 3 Part Drill is a signature Orton Gillingham warm-up drill that I use, tweak and implement with children across the grades levels every day! Using this drill consistently, has yielded noticeable, sustainable and continued progress for each of my private clients. HOW? If you've been around for a while you have probably heard me shout from the rooftops my thoughts on the power of consistency & repetition. And this drill is a wonderful example of how consistency and repetition can be hands-on, interactive and fun enough to forge the foundation of shifting a struggling readers relationship with learning - forever! 3 months of consistency and repetition (that FEELS FUN!) for a self-confident lifelong learner? Sounds like a pretty great idea to me! I have ONE spot left for Private Literacy Support this fall. If you're thinking private support might be a fit for your child, let's connect. Email and we can set up a call this week. Happy Monday! Meg

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