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You don't have to do it alone

Supporting your child’s learning and being their “teacher” when they’re home is NOT FUN.

And this is exactly what we hear from almost every parent who comes to Next Step for support.

Of all the hats you wear and roles you play - TEACHER is likely not one you planned for - and it’s definitely not one that’s working when your child is tired and frustrated.

Guess what?

You don’t have to play teacher anymore -

Imagine for a moment your child had a dedicated person to support them 1:1.

For 60 min/week they have someone’s undivided attention who is an EXPERT at the exact material they are learning in school!

(AND knows how to make the material FUN!)

Suddenly, getting homework done is something your child looks forward to! :-)

And 6 weeks later, your child's confidence starts to grow!

They are hanging their work on the fridge -

They are getting their homework completed with no tears

Your beliefs about what’s possible for your child’s learning have forever changed -

And now, your child's attitude about school is at a whole other level.

You’re excited about your next parent teacher conference!

You look forward to seeing your child's teacher!

And your life-as-a-whole is changing also.

You’re no longer spending several hours each week fighting over homework completion

You have more time to enjoy & work on other things

Your peace of mind is greater than ever before.

And it all started from one decision you made today.

Release the pressure.

Let go of the forced teacher hat.

Trust this team - we speak your child’s learning language!

I hope today is the day you choose to stop waiting - and say YES - to what’s possible for your child.



PS - 12 weeks sound like too big of a commitment to something new?…let us know you’re interested in 6 weeks to start!

PPS - You're not for a moment in it alone.

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